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Commuter College

Commuter College

Podcasts Every Marketer Should Listen on the Way to Work

Do you have to drive to work? Do you take a bus or a train? If you have a commute—long or short, then you lucky to enroll commuter college. You may spend your time unwinding by listening to music or catching up on the phone with mom or your BFF. You can also spend that time learning about the latest marketing trends, catching up on the news or being inspired by listening to podcasts—all for free! I call this my Commuter College.

I have a one-way hour long commute which has enabled me to listen to dozens of podcasts over the past four years. It has helped me to keep up with ever-changing digital marketing trends, market research, and business leadership skills. I know that most of you have at least a 10 or 15-minute drive to work, so I thought I would share with you the podcasts that I listen to on a regular basis. They range from marketing and sales to economics and personal finance. This has helped me both in my professional career and fulfill some personal goals.

Read through the list below and let me know if there are any podcasts you are digging right now.

Marketing Related


This podcast covers marketing and communications specific to the architecture-engineering-construction industry. It is hosted by two veteran marketers—Kate Attilio, CPSM and Laura Ewan, CPSM. They interview other industry veterans around specific challenges we face every day working as in-house marketers. Topics include “Braving Difficult Conversations in the Workplace,” “Becoming Fluent in Firm Financials,” and “Getting the Most Out of Your CRM.”

While they haven’t produced any new episodes in some time, you can listen to dozens of their previous episodes on iTunes.

Pulizzi & Rose This Old Marketing

I like this podcast because it is a weekly roundup of content marketing in the news. The hosts, Joe Pulizzi and Robert Rose cover the week’s news and provide their perspectives on what this means for in-house marketers, media companies, and agencies. The next segment covers their rants and raves. While also informative, it is quite entertaining to listen as well. The star of the episode is the This Old Marketing segment. They dig into the past to feature a content marketing campaign or example from years past and how it can still be relevant today. I like that they feature different industries so I can get ideas that are relevant to ours.

The #AskGaryVee Show

If you are fan of Gary Vaynerchuk, author of books including Crush It; Jab, Jab, Jab, Right Hook: How to Tell Your Story in a Noisy Social World, and The Thank You Economy, you will like his #AskGaryVee show. This is a short-format podcast lasting from 10 to 15 minutes. While most of his books cover social media marketing, this show takes the form of an old-fashioned radio talk show. He asks viewers for questions on Twitter using the hashtag #AskGaryVee and then calls them and answers live while recording the show. The questions range from business and marketing advice to mentoring and parenting. He answers in his authentic way.

Marketing Smarts from MarketingProfs

MarketingProfs was one of the first blogs I subscribed. They provide articles, training and insight for marketers in all industries. I enjoy listening to their podcast, because I just don’t have that much time to read these days. Their weekly podcast features interviews with marketers from many different industries who cover many different topics. From brand management to career development and email marketing, it can truly be a one-stop shop for professional marketers.

Social Pros Podcast: Real People Doing Real Work in Social Media

This podcast claims to interview real people doing real work in social media. I am here to tell you that they do a very good job at doing this. They talk with actual CMOs, social media managers, etc. at firms who are successful with their social media marketing efforts. They get into details of what works and how they do inside their companies. While most of the companies they feature are B2C, there is always a nugget or two I can pull out that can be relatable to our social media marketing efforts.

A few of my favorite episodes are:


Leadership & Management Related

Manager Tools

This is a great nuts and bolts type of show. I like it because there is not too much theory but actual, practical tips for various situations you face as a manager. If you are not manager yet, you should still listen to get a sense of what being a manager is about. My favorites are how to run a staff meeting and the performance reviews series.

TED Radio Hour by NPR

Hopefully you have heard of TED talks. If so, take your listening one step further with NPR’s TED Radio Hour podcast. They gather similar themed TED talks into one show with commentary. They even interview the TED presenter for additional commentary.

HBR IdeaCast

Harvard Business Review is a magazine that focuses on smart management thinking. Their podcast, HBR IdeaCast features the leading thinkers in this space who are often authors in their magazine. It also covers the topics that are featured in the magazine.

The EntreLeadership Podcast

This podcast is part of the Dave Ramsey media company. While he is most know with personal finance (mainly getting and staying out of debt), this podcast covers discussion and tips on leadership and business. They bring on guests who are leaders in their fields such as Mark Cuban, Seth Godin, and Jim Collins.


Business, Economics & Finance Related

Freakonomics Radio

You will soon notice that many of my go-to podcasts are produced by NPR. There is such great value in their programming. What I like about this podcast is that they breakdown complex economic or curious questions to present it from different perspectives and answer the why and how questions. I find it useful in teaching myself how to approach different problems and think differently.


This is another NPR podcast. The description on their website is so good, I am just going to quote it below.

Marketplace® is the leading business news program in the nation. Host Kai Ryssdal and our team of reporters bring you clear explorations of how economic news affects you, through stories, conversations, newsworthy numbers and more. Airing each weekday evening on your local public radio station or on-demand anytime, Marketplace is your liaison between economics and life.


Personal Development Related

This is Your Life with Michael Hyatt

Micheal Hyatt calls himself your virtual mentor. He writes books, provides virtual training, writes blogs, and hosts this podcast. He pushes you to perform better in the areas of becoming more productive, building your team, and navigating your life. His book, Living Forward, has helped me create a life plan and make some pretty important life decisions in the past few months.

His weekly podcast focuses on intentional leadership. This includes topics such as goal setting, why you aren’t achieving your goals, focus, priorities, etc.

The Ziglar Show

Zig Ziglar is a legend in the personal development space. His legacy continues with the Ziglar Show. This podcast includes interviews with great thought leaders, audio clips of legendary speeches of Zig Ziglar and insight on how to apply to your life right now.

The Tony Robbins Podcast

If you need any inspiration or motivation, Tony Robbins is your guy. He is full of energy that is contagious. While his podcast covers many topics including self-care, finance, and mindset, he is just so fascinating and so energetic. I listen to this in the morning when I need a pick-me-up.


Personal Finance Related

Most of us were not taught how to manage money and invest properly in school. We know should invest in our 401K and maybe take the stock options (if they are offered). What else should we be doing to secure our future financial health? Why does this matter? Over the past four years, my husband and I have focused on educating ourselves and setting some pretty aggressive financial goals including being completely debt free. Another goal is to become financially independent, meaning we can cover our monthly expenses from our investments. While we are a long way from that goal, we are working every day toward it.

It really has relieve much of our stress, especially at work and choosing new career opportunities as they presented with our financial goals and plans in place. I will be writing future articles around this topic, but for now I strongly suggest beginning your personal financial education with these podcasts.

Radical Personal Finance

This is hosted by Joshua Sheats, a former financial planner. This daily podcasts goes in detail around topics like life insurance, college savings plans, 401Ks, and other investment options. Many of his podcasts are an hour plus to cover the pros, cons, and considerations for each. He even covers some additional “radical” options to society’s norms. While, I don’t personally agree with all of his view points, it is very educational.


Similar to Radical Personal Finance, ChooseFI, is a podcast about experiments in financially independence living. They cover topics like crushing debt, college hacking, travel rewards, healthy living, investing and tax optimization.


What podcasts do you listen to? Comment below with any that I didn’t list.



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