Engineering a Great Office Costume – 2016

Engineering a Great Office Costume – 2016

Engineering a Great Office Costume – 2016

Halloween is one of my favorite holidays. I love dressing up in creative and funny costumes. How fun is it to be someone else for the night? However, since joining the AEC industry over a decade ago the office dress-up has been hit or miss. This year, I thought I would have some fun and share some AEC and Marketing inspired costumes I found on the web.

Traffic Engineers:


Structural Engineers:

You can go as you favorite bridge like the Golden Gate!


Photo courtesy of Dzzyn





Storefront for Art and Architecture also had a party in 2012. This is Alejandra Navarette as a Starchitect.

Courtesy of Storefront for Art and Architecture 

Tools of the Trade:


Google SketchUp Guy

Photo courtesy of Dzzyn


Exacto and Mat

Photo courtesy of Dzzyn

CEI and Quality Management Folks:

lori-red-line construction worker

And last but certainly not least, the

Marketing Professionals




My personal favorite, the….

Proposal Fairy!

She turns technical garble into beautiful proposals.

proposal fairy

Does your firm or office dress up for Halloween? Do you have a great AEC and/or marketing related costume? Leave the pictures in the comments below or our Facebook Page.

What is your AEC-themed Halloween Costume?


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