Position to Win: Knowledge is Power & Differentiation is Key

Thank you for attending our session at SMPS SERC 2015 in Nashville!

Below is the description of the session and the promised materials. Please feel free to use with your firm and share any results!


How many times have you sat in strategic pursuit meetings trying to come up with a win plan for a project? Do you struggle to find selling points that make your firm different from the competitors? Having similar experience and available personnel does not make your firm different. Finding those differentiators is a key to winning work but it can be a daunting task. In order to know how your firm is different, you need to gather intelligence about the project, your team, and the competitors. This workshop will teach you a strategy to gather the wants and needs of the client, identify your differentiators, build your value proposition, and then turn those into a successful win plan.

Self Starter Tool Kit:

  • Powerpoint presentation
  • Client Service Team Matrix
  • Value Proposition Worksheet
  • Gap Finding Questions

You can download the materials by clicking here: Self Starter Kit to Upload.

Presenters and Contact Information:

Lindsay Diven, CPSM is the Director of Marketing and Business Development  and Principal for BRPH. She also manages the Marketers Take Flight blog, focusing on helping marketers new to the AEC industry acclimate to the proposal environment. For ten years, she has specialized in developing marketing and business development teams with emphasis on creating workable processes and accountability measures. While her background has been transportation infrastructure, she recently joined a vertical design firm providing her perspectives from varying client and project types. Lindsay has been a member of SMPS since 2005.



@LindsayDiven (Twitter)


With over 15 years of speaking experience at chapter and national events for several organizations, Barbara Stiles, CPSM gives attendees meaningful information with great delivery. Barbara is the Southeast Region Marketing Manager for Gannett Fleming. She has over 25 years of marketing experience in the AEC industry. Barbara has been a member of SMPS since 1999 and has served on the SMPS Central Florida board for the past six years, including a year as Chapter President. She is the current Chair-Elect for the President’s Leadership Symposium.

407.384.4412 ext. 3578


@BarbaraStiles (Twitter)

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