Find Your Courage and Confidence

Becoming a new marketer in the AEC industry is often intimidating. After the first week or so (maybe even your first day), you realize that this AEC marketing thing is much different than the case studies and assignments in school. Not only is starting a new job hard enough with meeting new people, figuring out the internal politics, and learning the office culture, but people are throwing around terms you have never heard of—RFPs, P3s, SF 330s and Red Teams. Red Teams, is there a color war after lunch? I am sure it is this way in every industry, but the AEC industry has developed its own language along with a never-ending list of abbreviations and code phrases.

How do you gain enough confidence (and sometimes courage) needed to not only make it, but succeed in this high-pressure part of the industry? As a marketer, and to some degree a sales person, I feel that I never lacked confidence but sometimes was intimated by “the big guys” or the 30-year veterans. I want to share with some of the ways that helped me to overcome these.
I want to share some of my best stuff with you so you can succeed in your AEC marketing career.

Below is just some of the information I am working on.

  • Take action to promote yourself
  • Preparing for your performance review
  • Ask, Ask, Ask
  • Understand how your firm makes (and losses) money
  • Getting a seat at the table

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2 thoughts on “Find Your Courage and Confidence

  1. Courtney Franklin

    I am very new to the A/E/C industry, in fact fresh out of college. This industry is like a whirlwind. Trying to keep up with the terminology and other aspects of being a marketing coordinator has definitely been an amazing joyride for me. I would love to pick your brain and hopefully get the opportunity to learn from such a skilled professional.

    I really appreciate you taking the time to post these blogs and share your story and knowledge with the rest of us.

    Courtney Franklin

    1. Lindsay Post author

      Courtney – This is a very exciting industry with tons of career growth. I am so happy you found us! If there is anything specific challenging you, please reach out. Also, don’t be shy reaching out to other marketing professionals in your local SMPS chapter. We are a close group and always willing to help.

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