Time Management Toolkit

Time Management Toolkit



Implement these time management strategies to meet your deadlines and still be home for dinner.

What you’ll learn:

  1. How to identify and use your Productivity Energy Flow.
  2. How to define your schedule and not let it define you.
  3. How to tackle your to-do list while minimizing distractions like email and meetings.
  4. How to leverage work-life, not balance, to maximize your time and goals through scheduling, automation, delegation and elimination.

What you’ll get:

  1. Guidebook that walks you through each stage of managing your time: 1) Productivity Energy Flow, 2) Defining your Schedule, 3) Tackling your To-do List, 4) Minimizing Distractions, and 5) Leveraging Work-Life.
  2. Worksheet to track your Energy Flow
  3. Scheduling Worksheet
  4. To-do List Samples and Template
  5. Work-Life Leveraging Map – This maps your work and personal goals centered around YOU to see how you can start to leverage where they can work together.
  6. BONUS: You will receive a video walk-through of how I organize my email to organize and filter the hundreds of emails I receive daily.
  7. BONUS #2 – My ebook 7 Steps to Email Bliss.


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