Intro to A/E/C Proposals Training & Mentoring Program

Intro to A/E/C Proposals Training & Mentoring Program

Build a Foundation for a Successful Marketing Career

Hey, it’s Lindsay. If you have made it this far, if your reading this article, that tells me a couple of things. First of all, you’re interested in the Intro to A/E/C Proposals Training & Mentoring Program. Second, there’s at least one spot still available, otherwise I would have already pulled down this page.

This is the deal – Intro to A/E/C Proposals Training & Mentoring Program is for you if you are new to A/E/C marketing and want to quickly learn the foundation to be a successful marketing professional.

It’s also for those marketers who have been in the industry a few years but want to improve their proposal coordination abilities to advance to marketing manager and eventually marketing director.

I just love A/E/C marketing and proposals. I’ve been managing proposals and teaching marketing coordinators for more than a decade. I want you to build your proposal skills to help advance your career too.

This Program Dives Deep Into:

  • Proposal Planning and Go/No Go Process
  • Proposal Production Phases & How to Schedule for Each
  • Producing the First Draft
  • Conducting Effective Reviews
  • Final Production & Delivery
We’re going to do five live calls. The first session is going to be about how planning out your proposal strategy, including a go/no go process, will minimize stress.
In the second call, you’ll learn about each proposal production phase and scheduling theory—all to work as efficiently as possible.
The third call is all about getting the first draft completed. You’ll learn how to handle multiple deadlines, time management strategies, creative solutions to get the information you need—whether your marketing team is big or small.
The fourth call will teach you how to conduct effective reviews. You will go beyond checking for spelling and grammar, but make sure your proposal is compelling and clearly communicates your firm’s differentiators for the project.
In the last call, we’ll cover efficient ways to finalize the document and deliver it to the client. You will also learn about potential emergencies that can happen and how to prepare for them.

You’ll also get worksheets and templates for each topic as well as the recordings and transcripts for each session.

Enroll Now and Get These Additional Resources, FREE!

  • Tackle Your Email Inbox with the Ebook: 7 Steps to Email Bliss (Value of $25)
  • Find Free or Nearly Free Resources with my Graphic Design & Collaboration Resources Cheat Sheet
  • Organize your Marketing Files with the Self-Starter Kit: End Your File Frustration (Value of $25)
  • Fine Tune Your Writing with the Webinar: Grammar & Proofreading (Value of $79)

Personalized Learning & Mentoring

Again, this is a very interactive process. I’ll be taking your questions live. You’re going to be able to get access to me, just you and a very small group of marketers. I don’t have some big fancy pitch for this. If you’ve made it this far, there is at least one more space available, probably more than one.

We will be starting our first call on Wednesday, April 10 at 4pm EST. Then we will have another four calls every Wednesday until you’ve learned the fundamentals to coordinate any A/E/C proposal that comes one your desk.

Works Even with Your Firm's Process

Don’t worry if your firm already has a proposal production process or forms. I will be teaching the fundamentals that can be adapted to any corporate structure. If your firm doesn’t have any process, then this course is especially important to position you as a leader to develop that process.

Everything is Online. No Travel Required.

Normally, my clients pay about $200 an hour to learn from me. But the way I’ve been able to put this course together we’re going to have a small interactive training and because of this format, I’m able to keep the price down to $159. So, it’s going to cost you $159 to learn from me. Just click the button below to get started immediately and join me in the Intro to A/E/C Proposals Training & Mentoring Program.

Once I learned the fundamentals of proposal coordination, I was able to learn business development strategies and advance to manager and director—all during the recession period of 2010-2013. And I want you to help you do this too. There’s one thing I can’t do. I can’t click that button; I can’t click that registration. Only you can do that. Go ahead, click that button, and I’ll see you in the Intro to A/E/C Proposals Training & Mentoring Program.

Registration closes at midnight on Tuesday, April 2 or whenever all of the spots are filled. We will be starting our first call on Wednesday, April 10 at 4pm EST. Then we will have another four calls every Wednesday until you’ve learned the fundamentals to coordinate any A/E/C proposal that comes across your desk.

Intro to A/E/C Proposals Training & Mentoring Program

In this program, we will go in-depth on live calls that will help you create a systematic and repeatable approach to managing proposals. Doing this will help you:

  • Focus on the strategy and content of the proposal;
  • Gain self-confidence to tackle any RFP that crosses your desk;
  • Quickly position yourself as a leader in your firm; and
  • Advance your marketing career.

Here's What You'll Get:

The complete Intro to A/E/C Proposals 5-Module Online, Live Training Course

While each module will be presented live, participants will have lifetime access to the training course, presentations, transcripts, handouts, templates, and scripts—all electronic files for the entire course. Downloadable video and audio files so you can listen, watch or read whenever and where ever you want.


5-Live Q&A and Discussion Calls with Lindsay

After each training, spend ample time discussing the module and asking questions specific to your needs. The class is limited to a very small group, to allow enough time for individualized learning.


Ability to Shape Each Training Session to Specific Needs

Each week participants are sent the module agenda and asked for specific questions and feedback that will shape the training topic. This provides you with the knowledge you need right now.

Five Interactive Modules

In this module, you’ll learn how to dissect RFPs, set up a rock-solid compliance matrix, the differences between a compliance matrix and outline, how to run effective proposal kick-off meetings, gathering and identifying your proposal team, and properly asking the client questions about the RFP. We’ll also discuss Go/No Go strategies and how to set up a process for your firm.

This module introduces the three main proposal production phases (coordinating, writing, reviewing, and finalizing/delivering); teaches you how to schedule for each, good uses of milestone checks, and knowing when and who to alert when major milestones are missed.

Here, you’ll learn what parts of the proposal to work on when, time management strategies, handling multiple deadline, creative solutions to find the information you need (when others won’t give it), and self-editing strategies. We’ll also talk about how to manage this if you’re a department of one or in a larger department. This module covers everything you need to get the first draft ready for review.

In this module, you’ll learn what an effective proposal review is and isn’t, how to prepare for a review meeting, reviewers’ roles and responsibilities along with sample agendas, and finally how to go from review to final document.

This last module gets your proposal to the finish line. We will cover how to get the proposal finalized and approved to go into production. We will also cover best practices for both print and digital submittals. Lastly, we will cover what emergencies can go wrong and how to prepare for them before they do.

You will also receive a toolkit with each session. This toolkit includes tools, resources, scripts, and worksheets used in the training sessions. Each session will be recorded and transcribed so you can review any time.

Get Extra Training Resources, Free!

Also included are four bonuses valued at more than $100. Those are:

  • Bonus #1 – 7 Steps to Email Bliss Ebook ($25 value) – Take back control of your inbox to become more productive and less stressed.
  • Bonus #2 – Graphic Design & Collaboration Resources Cheat Sheet – Get my list of free or nearly free tools I use to make graphic design and collaboration easier.
  • Bonus #3 – Self-Starter Kit: End Your File Frustration ($25 value) – Stop wasting your valuable time looking for files! This self-starter kit contains an ebook to walk you through how to organize your marketing drive as well as worksheets and templates to get started.
  • Bonus #4 – Webinar: Set Yourself Up for Success: Grammar & Proofreading ($79 value) – This webinar explores the differences between writing and editing guidelines and why it is important to have them for your firm. It also includes common editing and proofreading mistakes. Worksheets and templates are also included.

Enrollment Closes Soon

Again, this will be a very small interactive training and mentoring program. Because of the way I’ve structured it, I can keep the price down to only $159. Registration will only be open until midnight Tuesday, April 3 or whenever the spots fill. If you are at all interested, please don’t hesitate and click the button below now. I can’t wait to see you in the program!

Secure Checkout with Paypal

You can trust us!

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

If you are not happy after Module #2 with the program, I will refund 100% of your money. No questions asked.

Need Help or Have Questions?

I'm happy to answer any question you might have and help you make the wisest choice for you.

About Me

Hi! I'm Lindsay.

My goal is to help you to acclimate quickly to the marketing environment at your engineering, architecture or construction (A/E/C) firm. This way you can fully utilize your skills and talents.

I have had great opportunities over the past 14 years since starting in the A/E/C industry. It hasn’t been an easy ride. I spent an enormous amount of time and energy researching the industry, proposal development, and sales writing; developing systems that work for me and my styles, and finding my courage and confidence to get where I am today.

I went from a new marketing coordinator in the industry to a Marketing and Business Development Director serving on a Board of Directors and responsible for managing a nearly $80 million sales goal and virtual nationwide marketing team in seven years. I doubled my salary in the first five years, DURING the great recession.

Currently, I am working as a Consultant helping marketing departments from coast to coast set up and implement their CRM systems. I believe that those opportunities were not just handed to me, but I created them myself.

I have presented numerous conferences and webinars for SMPS, DBIA, and my own firm. Some of the attendees’ feedback is below.

Lindsay's topic is key to making marketing/BD "leaders" in an organization
2019 SMPS Southern Regional Conference
Really good job bringing up the process changes we need to start selling like pros.
Former CEO and Boss
Lindsay, thank you so much! You are my “SHERO”!!!
Marketers Take Flight Subscriber
Always great to hear from somone with personal experience!
2018 SMPS Pacific Regional Conference
She practices what she preaches!
2018 SMPS Pacific Regional Conference
I liked learning how to go a step further than what is already being done.
2019 SMPS Southern Regional Conference

If You've Read This Far, You Owe This to Yourself...

If you've read this far, you owe it to yourself to honestly answer these questions:

What if you learn just one new concept…

that helps you build a solid proposal plan?


What if you learn just one new strategy…

that helps differentiates your firm’s proposal from a competitor?


What if you learn just one new technique…

that helps showcase your abilities as a marketing leader in your firm?


You have nothing to lose and everything to gain. Don’t miss your chance on this once-offered program to build a solid proposal management foundation. Mastering this skill will propel your marketing career.