Intro to A/E/C Proposals Training & Mentoring Program

A/E/C Proposals Training Program

Build a Foundation for a Successful Marketing Career

I just CLOSED the doors to my Intro to A/E/C Proposals Training & Mentoring Program. I will be offering additional proposal training in the future. Click on the link below to read an Introduction to Proposal Coordination. 

What is this proposals training program about?

This is the deal – Intro to A/E/C Proposals Training & Mentoring Program is for you if you are new to A/E/C marketing and want to quickly learn the foundation to be a successful marketing professional.

It’s also for those marketers who have been in the industry a few years but want to improve their proposal coordination abilities to advance to marketing manager and eventually marketing director.

I just love A/E/C marketing and proposals. I’ve been managing proposals and teaching marketing coordinators for more than a decade. I want you to build your proposal skills to help advance your career too.

This Program Dives Deep Into:

  • Preparing Before the RFP
  • Developing the Proposal Management Plan
  • Scheduling & Getting the Information You Need
  • Developing Compelling Content
  • Conducting Effective Reviews

How can I learn more about the proposals training program?

If you want to be notified when the program opens again, click the link below and enter your email address. That’s it. You will receive a notification when I offer the proposals training program again.

About Me

Hi! I'm Lindsay.

My goal is to help you to acclimate quickly to the marketing environment at your engineering, architecture or construction (A/E/C) firm. This way you can fully utilize your skills and talents.

I have had great opportunities over the past 14 years since starting in the A/E/C industry. It hasn’t been an easy ride. I spent an enormous amount of time and energy researching the industry, proposal development, and sales writing; developing systems that work for me and my styles, and finding my courage and confidence to get where I am today.

I went from a new marketing coordinator in the industry to a Marketing and Business Development Director serving on a Board of Directors and responsible for managing a nearly $80 million sales goal and virtual nationwide marketing team in seven years. I doubled my salary in the first five years, DURING the great recession.

Currently, I am working as a Consultant helping marketing departments from coast to coast set up and implement their CRM systems. I believe that those opportunities were not just handed to me, but I created them myself.

I have presented numerous conferences and webinars for SMPS, DBIA, and my own firm. Some of the attendees’ feedback is below.

Lindsay's topic is key to making marketing/BD "leaders" in an organization
2019 SMPS Southern Regional Conference
Really good job bringing up the process changes we need to start selling like pros.
Former CEO and Boss
Lindsay, thank you so much! You are my “SHERO”!!!
Marketers Take Flight Subscriber
Always great to hear from somone with personal experience!
2018 SMPS Pacific Regional Conference
She practices what she preaches!
2018 SMPS Pacific Regional Conference
I liked learning how to go a step further than what is already being done.
2019 SMPS Southern Regional Conference

If you want to know when the program opens again...

Use the link below to enter your email. This will get you on the list to be notified when the program opens again.