Intro to A/E/C Proposals Training & Mentoring Program

Intro to A/E/C Proposals Training & Mentoring Program

Intro to A/E/C Proposals Training & Mentoring Program

I just CLOSED the doors to my Intro to A/E/C Proposals Training & Mentoring Program. I will be offering additional proposal training in the future.

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If you want to be notified when the program opens again, click the link below and enter your email address. That’s it. You will receive a notification when I offer the proposals training program again.

A few important things:

  1. There are a very limited number of spots. I’m keeping this small – it’s a very under-the-radar interactive training with me, so I’m going to limit the class size.
  2. Because of the limited spots, there’s no big advertising push or fancy sales videos. I’ve got a simple webpage that explains the details of the program. You can read it here: CLICK HERE
  3. This is the inaugural run of this course and will be the only time it’s delivered with so much interaction with me and such a small class size. Pricing is also crazy low for this level of training…but I wanted to get it up and running with you.
  4. The training program begins on April 10, so registration won’t be open for long.

Here’s what you’ll receive:

The complete Intro to A/E/C Proposals 5-Module Online, Live Training Course

While each module will be presented live, participants will have lifetime access to the training course, presentations, transcripts, handouts, templates, and scripts—all electronic files for the entire course. Downloadable video and audio files so you can listen, watch or read whenever and where ever you want.

5-Live Q&A and Discussion Calls with Lindsay

After each training, spend ample time discussing the module and asking questions specific to your needs. The class is limited to a very small group, to allow enough time for individualized learning.

Ability to Shape Each Training Session to Specific Needs

Each week participants are sent the module agenda and asked for specific questions and feedback that will shape the training topic. This provides you with the knowledge you need right now.

Module #1 – Preparing Before the RFP: In this module, you will learn how to find out about potential projects before the RFP is advertised. We will also introduce win plans and how to develop one. We’ll also discuss Go/No Go strategies and how to set up a process for your firm. Then learn how to utilize the information gathered pre-RFP in your proposal.

Module #2 – Developing a Proposal Management Plan: In this module, you’ll learn how to dissect RFPs, set up a rock-solid compliance matrix, the differences between a compliance matrix and outline, how to run effective proposal kick-off meetings, gathering and identifying your proposal team, and how to organize it all.

Module #3 – Scheduling & Getting the Information You Need: This module introduces the three main proposal production phases (coordinating, writing, reviewing, and finalizing/delivering); teaches you how to schedule for each, good uses of milestone checks, and strategies to get information from technical staff in a timely manner.

Module #4 – Developing Compelling Content: From boilerplate and templates, to using graphics to convey compelling messages, we will dive deep into different strategies on the fourth call. You’ll learn how to handle multiple deadlines, time management strategies, creative solutions to get the information you need—whether your marketing team is big or small.

Module #5 – Conducting Effective Reviews: In this module, you’ll learn what an effective proposal review is and isn’t, how to prepare for a review meeting, reviewers’ roles and responsibilities along with sample agendas, and finally how to go from review to final document.

Bonus #1 – 7 Steps to Email Bliss Ebook ($25 value)

Take back control of your inbox to become more productive and less stressed.

Bonus #2 – Graphic Design & Collaboration Resources Cheat Sheet

Get my list of free or nearly free tools I use to make graphic design and collaboration easier.

Bonus #3 – Self-Starter Kit: End Your File Frustration ($25 value)

Stop wasting your valuable time looking for files! This self-starter kit contains an ebook to walk you through how to organize your marketing drive as well as worksheets and templates to get started.

Bonus #4 – Webinar: Set Yourself Up for Success: Grammar & Proofreading ($79 value)

This webinar explores the differences between writing and editing guidelines and why it is important to have them for your firm. It also includes common editing and proofreading mistakes. Worksheets and templates are also included.

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