Set Yourself up for Success: Grammar and Proofreading

Set Yourself up for Success: Grammar and Proofreading

This is part of the Setting Yourself Up for Success series. This series helps marketers in the engineering/architecture/construction industry navigate the proposal turbulence and have their career take-off!

In the Grammar & Proofreading episode, we explore the differences between writing and editing guidelines and why it is important to have them for your firm. I provide you with a fun sheet to create your own guidelines today! Then I share common editing and proofreading mistakes and provide resources and another fun sheet to create your own personalized proofreading checklist.

BONUS: Cut the fat, not the meat! Today’s bonus includes methods to edit your writing to fit within page limits.

Watch the video below and grab the fun sheets below the video!


Create Your Own Editing Guidelines Fun Sheet

Personalized Proofreading Checklist



Share below some of your most common editing or grammar questions. Also, for fun share with us some of your friendly debates over grammar and word usage.

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