Marvelous Marketer, Hope Wilson, CPSM

Marvelous Marketer, Hope Wilson, CPSM

Marketers Take Flight presents its Marvelous Marketer series featuring Hope Wilson, CPSM. She is the Principal of Wilson Business Growth Consultants. With more than 18 years of experience, she is an international award-winning business strategy and communications professional.

In today’s video she shares her background, how she became an AEC marketer as well her advice for new marketers in the industry.

Critical to AEC marketing success: Reach out and find as many opportunities to enhance your knowledge. {Tweetable: Click to Tweet Hope’s message.}

TAKE ACTION NOW: In the comments area below the video, share one piece of advice that Hope mentioned that you will begin implementing this week.

Dying to learn how another marketer succeeded? Email me or post below his/her name and he/she could be featured in the next episode.


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