Forget the full-day, out of office conference. These Mini-Workshops provide you with all of the step-by-step demonstration, worksheets, and templates you need to tackle your assignments TODAY without leaving your desk.

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  3. Nannie

    Hello! I could have sworn I’ve visited your blog before but after browsing through a few of the posts I realized it’s new
    to me. Nonetheless, I’m definitely pleased I found it and I’ll be book-marking it and checking back regularly!

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  5. rACHEL

    Great advice! In both my current and previous jobs, there was an expectation to not work past 5:30 pm, which automatically set me up for #1. I never realized until now how helpful that has been for my productivity. As for list-making, I find that I get really off-task every time I forget to make a list. I like your suggestion of actually making two different lists!

    When I have “urgent”-must-do-today tasks on my list, I find it hard to do those important, yet not urgent tasks (and they always end up falling off my list). Any suggestions for getting those types of tasks completed?

  6. Lindsay Post author

    Rachel, Thanks for reading!
    I know how you feel about the other tasks. I have important tasks that must be done, but dread doing them because they are not that fun for me. If I can’t delegate those tasks (I have some staff now), I use the reward system to motivate myself. So for example, if the important task is editing resumes for a proposal (like 50 of them!) by Friday. I reward myself with every 10 that get through. My reward is a snack (like that piece of birthday cake in the fridge), 10 minutes on Facebook, 10 minutes planning my upcoming vacation or 1 phone call to previous colleague/gal pal to catch up. This helps stay to stay on task.

  7. Barbara Stiles

    I have a great way of keeping piles of stuff off my desk and not forgetting what needs to be done each day. I have a file drawer in my desk that has 44 folders in it. They are labeled 1-31 (one for each day in a month), January – December (one for each month) and one that is labeled Next Year. When something hits my desk that I do not have to handle right now, it goes in a folder. Say I get an agenda for a meeting on the 17th of this month. The agenda goes in the folder labeled 17. Or, I register for an SMPS program in June. The registration receipt will go into the June folder.

    At the end of each day, I spend 10-15 minutes setting up what I have to do the next day. I pull out the folder for the next day and see what is in it. I prioritize my tasks for the day. I also only plan out about 60% of my day because, like you, I know the rest of the day will be putting out other people’s fires! When I go home each night, my desk is clear except for the folder for the next day. When you come in, you aren’t so overwhelmed with stuff all over your desk!

    At the end of each month, I pull out the next month’s folder and move everything in it to the appropriate daily folder. This way, nothing is lost or forgotten.

  8. Lindsay Post author

    Awesome stuff Barbi! I am like you in that I need my desk to be clear. I spend a few minutes at the end of each day clearing it off. Cluttered desk, cluttered mind!
    Thank you!

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    magnificent points altogether, you just won a new
    reader. What might you recommend in regards to your put up that you simply made a
    few days in the past? Any positive?

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  16. Courtney Franklin

    I am very new to the A/E/C industry, in fact fresh out of college. This industry is like a whirlwind. Trying to keep up with the terminology and other aspects of being a marketing coordinator has definitely been an amazing joyride for me. I would love to pick your brain and hopefully get the opportunity to learn from such a skilled professional.

    I really appreciate you taking the time to post these blogs and share your story and knowledge with the rest of us.

    Courtney Franklin

    1. Lindsay Post author

      Courtney – This is a very exciting industry with tons of career growth. I am so happy you found us! If there is anything specific challenging you, please reach out. Also, don’t be shy reaching out to other marketing professionals in your local SMPS chapter. We are a close group and always willing to help.

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  19. Lindsay Young

    Great article! I couldn’t agree more. It has been difficult to fill these types of positions. I also completely agree about having a marketing degree equal to graphic design. This is pretty typical in our industry but not others. I’ve had many discussions with other marketers about this very thing. It is been a challenging time to find talent not only in marketing but in operations. Thanks for your perspective on this!

  20. Alisa Johnson

    **Leadership, Management and Teambuilding: **
    Smarter Faster Better
    Making the Matrix Work: How Matrix Managers Engage People and Cut Through Complexity
    Influencer: The Power to Change Anything

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  25. Julie

    I once was asked “If your work ethic was on a bumper sticker, what would it say?” I can’t tell you how hard it was for me to not say “Sh!t happens”.

    1. Lindsay Post author

      I love it! I may add this to my list. I think my would be something about moving out of the fast lane to make room for me.

  26. Kim Robertson

    As a hiring manager, I don’t go with the normal interview questions (what is your strength/weakness), but instead, I like to see how they think. One of my favorite questions is asking, “are you a hunter or a gatherer?” This question isn’t meant to have a right answer (though I have my own feelings that there is a right answer), but instead, it throws the interview off course halfway through and always throws the perfectly poised person off their game. It makes them sit back, think a little, and reformulate why I am asking that question. There is a purpose to it. How do you seek information? How would you handle not getting information on time? How do you interact with coworkers (PMs, Principals, etc) who are super busy and marketing is the least of their priorities? Do you go seek the information for them or hunt them down? I seek out problem solvers and people will run into barriers all the time in this position. How do you overcome them? My interview questions are made to get in their minds and stress them out a little, but also be fun and see that I’m hiring the person, not the skills.

    1. Lindsay Post author

      I have heard that question too. What has been the most interesting response to that?

      The latest question I have asked has been, what are the current marketing trends you see for our industry. This has thrown a few people off.

  27. Joanna

    I have been tossing the idea around for a while now, but the annual fees are pretty high!

    1. Lindsay Post author

      Hi Joanna,
      Thanks for reading. I think there is only a test fee and then a renewal fee every three years. Are you referring to the SMPS membership fees? I don’t believe you have to be a SMPS member to obtain a CPSM designation.

      1. joanna

        Of course, avid fan of your posts.
        I was trying to re-find where I saw the big price tag, it was for the CPSM renewal it think it was around $1200? Plus earning course credits to be eligible for renewal. I’m still on the fence about going for the certification but the amount was enough to make my eyebrows go up.

        1. Lindsay Post author

          Yes. I believe it is expensive to take the test. However, don’t look at the continuing education as an expense. Think of that as an investment in your career. We need to be constantly learning in our field or we are decling.

  28. joanna

    I wholeheartedly agree. And I do think the CPSM certification carries serious credibility with it. Maybe I’ll wait another year or so, at the moment I’m “just” a 2nd year Marketing Coordinator.

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  30. Chasidy English, CPSM

    Good evening,

    You’re fellow SMPS/CPSM’er, Stacey Ho, recommended you as a folder structure/file naming convention guru. I am also a fellow SMPS/CPSM’er and need some quick help, if you can. Yes, a fire drill, so same old, same old, right?

    I must discuss best practices on this topic for 15 minutes this Wednesday, Aug 23rd for our annual West region Pursuit Leader planning meeting. Do you have any high-level industry-specific wisdom you can share with me before then? I say high level due to the time constraint, which means I will not have time to go into much detail on either folder structures or file naming.

    ANY help at all is very, very much appreciated. Thank you, and I apologize for the short notice.