I will be making quite of few in-person and virtual presentations in 2014! These are excellent ways to continue your personal development, but it might also give us a chance to meet face to face! Let me know if you plan to attend any!

Mission Possible: Training Technical Staff to Maximize Client Relationships

Co-Presenting with Barbara Stiles, CPSM on March 6 at the SMPS Southeastern Regional Conference

Do you get a request for brochure from a project manager as he/she is heading out to a client meeting? Did you ever wish your project manager asked for a specific piece of information while talking to a prospective client? Do your project managers have a hard time getting repeat client meetings to discuss upcoming projects?

While clients have less time to meet with consultants to talk marketing, the need for a strong personal relationship is more important than ever. Marketers need to coach their technical staff to get beyond the “me, me, me” marketing fluff and dig deeper to build those relationships and deliver value in every interaction. We take a “train-the-trainer” approach to teach marketers not only the fundamentals of call planning, active listening, and value delivery, but put it into practice through interactive exercises and provide a self-starter kit to implement back at the office.

Register for the conference here.


Organize Each Day to be Home by Dinner and Still Meet Your Deadlines

Webinar Presentation to the Central PA SMPS Chapter on March 18

AEC marketers are constantly being asked to do more within the same amount of time. You want to do produce high quality products, but still want to have a life outside of work. You have personal commitments you need to balance with your career. How do you get it all done while not sacrificing your personal life?

Having moved up from Marketing Coordinator to Director of Marketing in less than 10 years while raising two kids, I have had to make this balance work to be successful at both. Through tracking my activities over a period of time and being obsessed with productivity books, blogs, and methods, I have identified some common practices that any AEC marketer can use to your productivity.

Balancing work and life is about understanding your priority tasks, your productive energy, and how to avoid or minimize distractions to create a sense of accomplishment. This webinar offers some simple strategies you can put in place today to help balance your priorities, become more productive and still be home by dinner!

Learning Objectives

During this webinar, you’ll learn strategies to get more accomplished in your workday. You’ll also discover:

  • What is eating up most of your time
  • How to tame the email beast
  • Tips to help prioritize your tasks


Virtual Group Mentoring Sessions

I will be hosting FREE quarterly calls open to anyone in the marketing field. I hope  to use the power of teleconference to help guide your career, answer your questions, and share stories. If you cannot attend live, a recording of the call will be available.

  • April 15, 2014 at 8:30 pm EST
  • June 17, 2014 at 8:30 pm EST
  • September 16, 2014 at 8:30 pm EST
  • December 9, 2014 at 8:30 pm EST

Please email me here to RSVP. 


Virtual CPSM Study Group – COMPLETED, Look for 2014

I will be coordinating a FREE web/call based study group for the SMPS Certified Professional Marketer (CPSM) exam. This first session will only be open to 10 participants to allow for the greatest involvement. We will hold a review session for each of the six Domains as well as a review session. An experience CPSM will lead each session answer your questions. The best part, is that you can participate from home or the office! All you will need is an internet connection and phone. Below is the schedule with anticipated test date.

  • Kick-off/Introductions
  • Domain 1 – Marketing Research
  • Domain 2 – Marketing Plan
  • Domain 3 – Client & Business Development
  • Domain 4 – SOQs/Proposals
  • Domain 5 – Promotional Activity
  • Domain 6 – Info, Resource & Organizational Management
  • Review
  • Target Test Date

Each session will last approximately two hours, although some might be completed in less time.

This is going to be a great way to advance your marketing career in the AEC industry!

We have four more spots open so if you know anyone who is looking to take the test in the fall, please send them my info to get them signed up.

Please email me here to RSVP. 




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