21 Most Recommended Books for Your Business Development Library

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There are have been several discussions within networking groups I am in regarding building a business development related library for our technical staff. Below, I have compiled the list of recommendations from the groups as well as added some of my favorites. I then grouped them by topic. The ones with an asterisk (*) next […]

Is there a career path in AEC marketing beyond the marketing coordinator role?


If you have been a marketing coordinator for more than 2 to 3 years, you begin to wonder what your next job role should be. You can become a Senior Marketing Coordinator and then eventually a Proposal or Marketing Manager. Eventually you may be managing other staff, larger pursuits and/or multiple pursuits. Can you ever […]

How do you define local?

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Coming out of the recession, local has mattered. Both public and private clients are feeling the pressure to give the work to the local firms. By selecting firms who are local, they are supporting the local economy. This is a no-brainer for elected officials and authorities who must cater to the local constituents. It is […]

Questioning Your Way to the Top


Why, how, when you should be asking questions When I first started out, I was completely overwhelmed with the information I needed to learn in a such as short period of time–everything from reading RFPs to understanding roadway design and drainage design to finding the appropriate resumes and relevant projects. I knew the fundamentals of […]

Setting Yourself up for Success: Grammar and Proofreading

This is part of the Setting Yourself Up for Success series. This series helps marketers in the engineering/architecture/construction industry navigate the proposal turbulence and have their career take-off! In the Grammar & Proofreading episode, we explore the differences between writing and editing guidelines and why it is important to have them for your firm. I […]

Warm up your Holiday Networking

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The holiday season is busy for all of us. There are personal and professional social events, endless to-do list, and, oh yeah, your work responsibilities. Even though you might want to pass on all those holiday invites, don’t. Whether you are looking for a new job or trying to expand your network, the holidays are […]

Marvelous Marketer, Hope Wilson, CPSM

Marketers Take Flight presents its Marvelous Marketer series featuring Hope Wilson, CPSM. She is the Principal of Wilson Business Growth Consultants. With more than 18 years of experience, she is an international award-winning business strategy and communications professional. In today’s video she shares her background, how she became an AEC marketer as well her advice […]

Is your LinkedIn profile selling you short?

Is Your LinkedIn Profile Selling You Short?

If you consider yourself a social media Queen or even a novice, it is vital for your career to have a completed LinkedIn profile. The long and short of it, is that recruiters at firms and recruiting firms are using LinkedIn religiously to find candidates. In fact, according to the 2012 Bullhorn Reach and Social […]

Create a Resume to Make Your Next Big Move

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Do you feel like you have been stuck in your current position? Have you been working as a marketing intern, assistant or coordinator for a year or two or even three and don’t see any change in the recent future? You know that you have excelled at your position and supervisors are happy with your […]