Develop Systems to Get More Done

I have organized two marketing departments and a public involvement department in my AEC marketing career. I have researched and tested hundreds of ways to organize and develop systems to work for me. These have included both sales tracking systems and basic file and folder management.

I want to share some of my best stuff with you so you can succeed in your AEC marketing career. A sneak peak of just some of the articles I am working on include the following.

  • Where to look for that missing information
  • No more wondering where that file is. Step-by-step guide to organize your marketing files.
  • Eat dinner at home while still making your deadlines
  • Tame the email monster
  • Creating your writing and editing guidelines

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One thought on “Develop Systems to Get More Done

  1. Chasidy English, CPSM

    Good evening,

    You’re fellow SMPS/CPSM’er, Stacey Ho, recommended you as a folder structure/file naming convention guru. I am also a fellow SMPS/CPSM’er and need some quick help, if you can. Yes, a fire drill, so same old, same old, right?

    I must discuss best practices on this topic for 15 minutes this Wednesday, Aug 23rd for our annual West region Pursuit Leader planning meeting. Do you have any high-level industry-specific wisdom you can share with me before then? I say high level due to the time constraint, which means I will not have time to go into much detail on either folder structures or file naming.

    ANY help at all is very, very much appreciated. Thank you, and I apologize for the short notice.

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