Why I Want to Help Marketers

Welcome! I’m Lindsay Diven.

My goal is to help you to acclimate quickly to this proposal environment, so you can you fully utilize your skills and talents.

I want to help you get promoted faster.

While most firms have some type of new hire orientation and paperwork processing, many do not have a formal on-boarding for new marketers to the industry. Most proposal production and management learning is done by fire during actual proposal submittals creating tremendous, unnecessary pressure.

We are doing you an injustice by not spending the time providing you with the on-boarding necessary not only to acclimate quickly to this marketing environment, but to thrive and contribute your talents to your firm.

After building two different marketing teams, I realized this problem and wanted to help. It took a lot of time, heartache, and stress to get where I am today. Why would I want you to go through that if I can help you alleviate some of it? If there was a way I could help you just a little, it is worth it to me. If even one blog post, checklist or newsletter helps you in just one tiny aspect of your day, proposal, or job, than that is helped me and helped the industry.

I believe that helping new marketers acclimate specifically to this industry helps the entire industry and the individuals that work in it.

I have had great opportunities over the past seven years since starting in the AEC industry. It hasn’t been an easy ride. I spent an enormous amount of time and energy researching the industry, proposal development and sales writing; developing systems that work for me and my styles; and finding my courage and confidence to get where I am today. I went from a new marketing coordinator in the industry to a Regional Marketing Manager responsible for managing a nearly $20 million sales goal and virtual marketing team across four offices in five years. I doubled my salary in those five years, DURING the great recession. Currently, I am working as a Director of Marketing and Business Development managing a team of marketers, business developers and graphic designers. I believe that those opportunities were not just handed to me, but I created them myself.

New opportunities came to me because crafted my personal brand, consistently produced high quality work, and demonstrated the value I added to my firm.

I want to share my lessons learned and processes with you. I want you to be the successful marketer that you are capable of and achieve your greatness faster than I did. I also want to share success stories from other AEC marketers so we can learn from and support each other.




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